9 tips for writing high conversion landing page headlines in 2019

The first thing that your visitor sees is your landing page headline. It could also be on your PPC ads, your emails or even a print magazine.

90% of the times people decide to ignore you or spend a few more seconds checking out what you have to offer based on your landing page’s headline. Regardless of how good your landing page is overall, if your headline isn’t good enough, people will leave and you won’t see conversions happening.

Great headlines lead to excitement, curiosity and enthusiasm to click or continue. A headline can literally make or break your business, as your conversions depend heavily on it. As a marketer, it’s important to master the skill of writing attention-grabbing headlines.

Here are 9 tips to get you started:

1. Always be super specific

When you make a statement in your landing page headline, be very specific. Never say “easy-to-use software.” Easy is much too vague. What makes it so easy, exactly? Is it easier to use than your competitors? How, specifically? Always ask yourself the questions “how, exactly?” and next “so, why is this important?” when writing headlines. Here’s an example of a headline that isn’t specific enough. What does Lead with clarity mean? It doesn’t explain what Carrot exactly offers.

landing page headline by carrot

This headline will be much better when it’s more specific about the offer.

2. Match your visitors expectations

Most of your visitors come to your site via a digital channel. Make sure you match your visitors’ expectations by using the same wording on your landing page as you did in the previous step. For example, make sure there’s a nice “scent” between your ads and headlines by using the same words.

landing page headline by bliss

Example of a very clear headline.

3. Make sure your Unique Selling Points really are unique

We see this very often. A business writes down their unique selling points (USP’s), but it does not compare them with the competition. When you offer free shipping, and your competitors do as well, your free shipping is not a USP. Your visitors will compare you with your competitors. If you offer the same benefits, you’re not unique. Emphasize your unique differentiators, those that others don’t mention and, ideally, something they can’t compete with.

landing page headline by clever

An example of a USP that is really unique and uses social proof in a great way.

4. Always be easy to understand and super clear

Remember that your visitors do not work for you and are not privy to your industry-based lingo. Avoid words that make perfect sense to your colleagues but do not ring a bell for your visitors. Make sure you use language that he/she can readily understand. Talk to your clients like they are right there with you. It’s not about you; it’s all about your visitor. Aim for a Grade 6 reading level and be jargon-free.

landing page headline by happyforms

An example of a clear landing page headline by HappyForms. 

5. Do proper research

Knowing your audience is one of the keys to successful headline writing. When you fully understand what your audience really wants on a deeper level, you know what hot buttons activate headline. Before you start filling in the formulas, make sure you have a solid idea of your customers. Identify their pain points, wishes, current solutions, e.g. Collect insights via (on-site) surveys, popups, analyzing forums, your call center and create a customer hypothesis. Your headlines will be much more effective when you talk like your audience and exactly match their preferences.

landing page headline by bonfire

No doubts about what you can do here.

6. Don’t try to be over clever

Sometimes, when you’re working on a headline for a long time, you might attempt to be clever which often leads to vague and ambiguous headlines. They might sound fantastic to you, but when you try to be clever and, for example, use jokes or comparisons that are not clear, you will be confusing your readers.

landing page headline by overflow

‘Done right’ doesn’t say anything. It would be clearer if the headline was “User Flow Software” or “Create user flow diagrams.”

7. Take down potential objections and barriers

What obstacles does your headline have to overcome? What’s holding people back from taking action? Is there a major hurdle or misconception to clear about your industry, company, product or service?

landing page headline by amicuspost

A great example of removing objections in a landing page headline. When sending a direct mail campaign the last thing you want is to be dumped in the trash straight away. 

8. Write your headlines when you’re in the right mood

Writing killer headlines is easier when you’re feeling at your best. When do you have the clearest mind and highest motivation? For me personally, I am most creative at 8:00 in the morning (yes, really) when I have just had coffee and have just ridden my bike for 15 minutes to work.

9. A/B test your headlines, to get the ultimate proof

landing page headline a/b test by highrise

A landing page headline A/B test performed by Highrise

A/B testing is a fantastic way to inexpensively prove the power of your headlines. It’s easy to run a split-test on different headlines on your landing page with Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer. Insert your fresh titles, and let it run until you hit significance. You could also A/B test your ads and email subjects, of course.

Rahul Lakhaney

Rahul Lakhaney

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