38 Facebook Ad Terms Taking you from Novice to Expert [Glossary]

For those of you that might be newer to Facebook Ads here is a list of all the commonly used online advertising terms to help get you up to speed!

Every discipline in the world has its own language. Advertising is not the exception. Knowing the language puts you on the inside looking out. On the inside is where the good stuff happens.

Ready to decode the jargon to make cake? Good? Good!

PPE: Page Post Engagement
WC: Website Conversion
ATC: Add To Cart
IC: Initiate Checkout
CA: Custom Audience
LAL or LAA or LLA: Lookalike Audience
ROI: Return on Investment
ROAS: Revenue on ad spend
CPM: Cost Per Thousand Impressions
CPC: Cost Per Click
CTR: Click Through Rate
CPE: Cost Per Engagement
DPA: Dynamic Product Ads
RT: Retargeting
CPP: Cost per purchase
CPA: Cost per acquisition
TOF: Top of Funnel
MOF: Middle of Funnel
BOF: Bottom of Funnel
LPV: Landing Page Views
LP: Landing Page
CBO: Campaign Budget Optimization
OCU: One click upsell
OTO: One time offer
US: Upsell
DS: Downsell
XS: Cross Sell
CVR: Conversion rate
CRO: Conversion rate optimization
VV: Video Views
VC: View Content
AOV: Average Order Value
LTV: Lifetime Value
CLTV: Customer Lifetime Value
EPC: Earnings per click
EPV: Earnings per view
CPL: Cost per lead
CPR: Cost per registration

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