Convert Facebook event attendees into Instagram followers

Hashtags and location on Instagram are cool. But other places gather your core audience very well, if not better. Facebook events, Groups, Pages, LinkedIn Groups, Medium Articles Clappers, Twitter Followers, Quora Responders, Meetup Attendees, Reddit Power-Users, etc.

In today’s tutorial, we are going to extract every attendee registered on 4 Facebook Yoga events in Paris and find their Instagram handles in order to later turn them into Instagram followers.

Checklist before you get started:

👻 A Phantombuster account.
📊 A Google Spreadsheet.
📸 An Instagram account.

Step 1: Select and prepare the events you’re interested in.

Four our purpose, we selected the next 4 yoga events in Paris: They range between 100 & 1000 people invited, interested or ‘going’ to the event. They amount for a total of 2380 attendees.

Let’s gather those events in our first input file. Go to each event and copy its URL. Paste those in a Google Spreadsheet, in the first column. It should look like that:

Simple as that

That was easy. Now let’s turn this file into something Phantombuster can access to: Go to the spreadsheet’s top right-hand corner and click on Share.

Then on Get Shareable Link.

Good job.

Step 2: Extract the names of every attendee.

Go to Phantombuster’s API Store and pick the Facebook Event Guests Exporter and click on Use This API.

Cool, it’s now added to your Dashboard. Click on the 3 dots to Configure it.

You’ll be prompted for 3 key information:

Your Facebook xs & c_user cookies: If you don’t know how to get your cookies, here is how on ChromeFirefox and Safari.

Your Input Spreadsheet URL: The one you copied at the end of Step 1.

Click on 💾 Save, then on Launch.

⏲ ️Wait a bit. Phantombuster will extract about 2000 attendees per minute.

If you’re curious about the output, here is how it looks:

One thing you can do to get it is to download it.

A better thing to do is simply to copy the URL where the file is hosted and use it as an input in the next step. Right click on the result.csv file you obtained and “Copy Link”.

Step 3: Find those people’s Instagram handles.

Now is time to use Instagram Profile URL Finder. What it’ll do is look for Instagram accounts that have either a name or a handle identical to the person’s name.

⚠️ Disclaimer: The success rate of this tool depends on the niche you’re in. Urbano-tech millennials are more likely to have an Instagram account with a name similar to their Facebook name than other demographics. People with really common name also might be mixed up.

On Phantombuster’s API Store, look for Instagram Profile URL Finder. Click on Use This API. Then on the Configuration 3 dots, just as you did in Step 2.

Now you will need to specify an input file: That’s the URL of the output of the last step. If you did the ‘Copy Link’ thing, your URL should look like that:

In the second field, you should put the column’s name where the attendees’ full names are filled. In our case it’s “name”:

Great. Click on Save then on Launch.

This process is much more resource intensive than a simple export. In our case, it took exactly 56min07secs to check 2380 profiles.

For 2380 attendees, we found 1688 Insta profiles, which is a 70% success rate.

What now?

You found 1688 people that are actively and recently interested in your niche’s topic and who are located in your city. That’s pure value.

Let’s now get in touch with them on Instagram by following them. You can read all about how to do that in phantombusters step-by-step tutorial here.

PS: Oh and we can also do that with Facebook Groups Members and Pages Fans. 🤯

Rahul Lakhaney

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