Maintaining social proof by using your best performing post id

People trust a company or an individual more when they see others interacting with their content. This is what is referred to as social proof amongst marketers.

Unfortunately, a lot of times marketers using Facebook Ads don’t know how to maintain that social proof when creating new campaigns.
The crazy part is that it is insanely easy to do that using Facebook Post ID.

In this guide I will show you how to take those posts with good engagement and use them to maintain the social proof in multiple Ad sets.

PS – you can test them in as many audiences as you like!

PPS – You can test them in as many audiences as you like!

Personally I have seen this lowering our CPA’s by as much as 50% (Facebook Ad terms glossary)

Step 1

Locating post ID

Choose existing Post ID
First you need to navigate to the Page Posts section.
You can find the Page Posts section in the menu section of Ads Manager
Next, you’ll want to locate the Post ID for an ad that is performing really well for you.

In the example above you could choose any of the three but I decided to choose the 2nd one because it has the most reach and engagement.  If you do not already have an ad with a good amount of social proof, you’ll want to create a dark post and work on obtaining some likes, comments, and shares.

We will pick the one with 99.8K engagement

Step 2

Create “New” Ad
Once you have located the ID, it’s time to create a new ad. This can be used in any existing ad sets, new ad sets or even new campaigns with completely different objectives! Then creating the post is where the secret lies.

From here you will select “Use Existing Post”. Then under the “Select a Page Post” section there is a link that says “Enter Post ID”. Go ahead and click on that link and then copy and paste the Post ID and hit Submit. After you have done this it’s time to submit for approval.

Step 3

Split Testing (Lots and lots of it)

Now that you have created a campaign and it has been approved we highly recommend duplicating this ad set and testing multiple audiences. Keep in mind that the copy and creative will always be the same as the original advertisement. But, you are now also compounding all the different audiences interactions on to one post. If doing this correctly, you should experience a nice uptick in engagement, and even conversions.

Well, there you have it folks. This one tip should really help you leverage those high performing posts and make the most out any social proof you may have gained on them. Keep in mind, you can use a post ID as much and as often as you like. So, when you start to see one audience experience some fatigue, you can now switch it up and pitch the post to a fresh audience with an already socially primed post. Pretty cool stuff, right?

Rahul Lakhaney

Rahul Lakhaney

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