This is marketing at it’s finest – Grammarly case study

This is marketing at its finest.

Take a look at Grammarly’s homepage below.

You don’t even know they have a paid product.

They don’t want you to know until you’ve downloaded their Chrome extension.

You have their free product.

It’s so good you won’t drop it.

And it prompts their paid product every time you use it.

The adoption is insane.

Over 10 million downloads.

The best part: it works everywhere.

Their competitors are stuck on their platforms.

The Google Doc grammar checker only works on Google Docs.

The Word grammar checker only works on Word.

And that’s where Grammarly wins.

They focused on adoption.

Word and Google both had opportunities to create the next Grammarly, but they were stuck in old ways of thinking.

They focused on themselves rather than the user.

If you want to create a company that scales, don’t divert a user’s attention away from their desired destination.

Focus on getting them there faster.


Rahul Lakhaney

Rahul Lakhaney

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