Retargeting your audience the right way with pixels

There’s a big problem with the Facebook Pixel and many other retargeting platforms.

It tracks everyone who visits your website.

Remember, not all your website visitors are created equal.

Some are engaged and stay on your website for awhile. They might even visit other pages and purchase your product.

Others leave your website within seconds and bounce.

You don’t want your pixel to track people who bounce.

Why is this important?

Bouncers can be click jackers, spammers, bots or people who click to your website on accident.

Remember, you’re paying for these Facebook clicks!

This can increase your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and make you lose thousands of dollars.

To fix this, you’ll want to delay your Facebook pixel so that it will fire up 3 seconds AFTER your website loads.

To do this, place your pixel code inside the Javascript block below:

setTimeout(function(){ *insert Facebook pixel code here* }, 3000);

By doing this, you’ll eliminate most of your bounce traffic and track only your more engaged users.

Now the above process is not only tedious but also 3 seconds delay is just a random time length.

Better Way

Another way to accomplish this audience segmentation is to use the % time on pixel audience option.

The goal of delaying is to engage people who actually viewed your page.

Facebook has a built in audience option where you can build audiences of the 5%.10% and 25% most engaged visitors.

I think top 25% is reasonable, while top 5% might be people who just forgot that a browser window is open.

You can also build this audience for specific urls and create lookalikes from same.

PS – If you use WordPress just use the pixel caffeine plugin. This is handled for you without messing with code. And 3 seconds is too short imo. Do 15. Focus on the hard core visitors.

The easiest way

Or you could simply head over to our product and preset your pixels.

Once you have stored your pixel values, all you need to do use whatever link you would like to fire these pixels on along with the firing time delay (recommended 3 seconds) and share the link provided to you by the platform.

It as easy as it gets.

  1. Add your pixels by clicking on Add pixel in the menu bar                            Yes, you can add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Quora and Pinterest pixels to retarget your audience.
  2. Create a link that has all your pixels in it by visitint the “Add Link” link in the menu bar.
  3. Oh and you can add custom script tags too.
  4. Start tracking the performance of these links with the help of inbuilt analytics 
  5. We know you noticed the “Add CTA” option too. Yes! you can now add your own Call to actions on any webpage. click here to see a demo of the CTA box. Simply click on “Add CTA” in the menu bar to create your first CTA 🙂

This is how retargeting your audience the right way using pixels works. Hope this helps in optimizing your retargeting campaigns.

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