How to setup Google Analytics goals – 2017 Edition

In this growth bite, we will focus on how to setup Google Analytics goals. This is one of the most critical things in finding out if your website actually helps your business is very important.

Google Analytics doesn’t measure your business performance without some additional setup. You have to tell Google Analytics to keep track of what’s critical to your business – and you do this with goals.

In Google Analytics, you have four ways to track goals:

  1. URLs
  2. Time
  3. Pages/visit
  4. Events

One thing that we all know is that a digital funnel has a goal and fundamental to leveraging the digital funnel concept is being able to measure it digitally. So, in this blog post, we’re going to show you how to setup a goal in Google Analytics.

Where to Find Google Analytics Goals

To start setting up your goals:

Go to your Google Analytics standard reports

Click on the “Admin” button in the bottom left and then Click on “Goals”

setup google analytics goals


Click “+ New Goal”. This is where you’re going to put a new goal, for example, a goal that might be relevant to a lot of businesses would be “Create an account”. Don’t worry too much about it as this part is not super important. Now click “continue”.


This next step is more important and what you probably want to do is this destination goal


Google analytics here, is going to add a conversion to this goal once some page (thanks.html) has been reached. So any funnel that you create should have a final destination page in it, this makes your analytics life a lot easier. To better explain, here is a simple use case for e-commerce.

Let’s say somebody makes a purchase on CONQ Agency website and then they’re taken to some sort of thank you page, on this page CONQ Agency offers its customers a discount coupon for their next purchase and also a referral link from which they can earn $10 for every referral. You can also use the same for measuring things like duration i.e how much time people are spending on your website etc. Events is another interesting feature for e-commerce industry players.

Once again let’s click “Continue” and fill in our info.


So here we enter our “thank you” URL, now everytime someone purchases our mobile wireframe kit, they will be redirected to this thank you page. Google Analytics will now ping us to inform that the thank you goal has been hit. Another interesting thing here is the value option, this is used to sort of know how much revenue has been generated through this goal. So everytime someone lands on this page hypothetically means that we have sold a mobile wireframe kit. So we set a value for it and every time a user lands on this page, the number of hits gets multiplied by the value we provide here and we can also track our specific product revenue now. Click “Save” to finish setting up this goal. These goals can also be integrated into your dashboard.

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